"We've had one of these for at least 12 years on our mail box and it finally needed welding... so we searched...but there it was! A great product and pretty easily seen from 200 feet."

-Brun H.


"This is an "excellent" product. Being up in age and my house sits back 150' from the road I now can look out my window to know if the mail has arrived. Thank you for selling this product. I would strongly recommend it!"


"This is the best 16 bucks I've ever spent! My neighbor loves it as well, he hated walking out to the box for nothing as much as I did. He watches for the yellow pop-up on my box to know if his mail has come next door. A simple invention but such a luxury to have as my mail never seems to come at the same time as the day before, now I know as soon as it has arrived. Worth every dime I paid."

-Richard K.

"Worked great to be able to see when mail arrives. Our school's mailbox is about 50 yards from the front door and our mail delivery can be any time of day. This has saved many wasted trips to the mailbox, particularly on rainy or snowy days!"

-Melanie C.

"Lasted over 18 years...The aluminum tip has finally cracked so it is time to replace this one. Lasting over 18 years comes to a cost of less than a dollar a year; that seems to be o.k."


"This is a real time saver for those with a long driveway or anyone who just wants to know if the mail is there or not. This is the 2nd one I've had. After years of use the spring gave out in the last one."


"Your mailbox alert flag was very easy to install and now I don't have to go out and find an empty mail box. If the flag isn't up I don't have to gout out and an 89 year old geezer appreciates that."

-Wesley B.