Mail Time flag pops up - Your mail has arrived!


Step 1:  Slide tabs under top latch


Step 2:  Insert provided bolt through holes


Step 3:  Tighten nut on bolt


Step 4:  Close flag inside mailbox door, adjusting gently as needed for a good fit


Step 5:  Ready for mail delivery

Step 6


No latch on your mailbox? No problem - Simply align Mail Time! on mailbox with door closed. While holding in place, open door and allow flag to open. While holding in place, mark top of mailbox through hole in product. Drill pilot hole for machine screw. Insert machine screw through Mail Time!, flat rubber gasket or dab of Shoe Goo to ensure waterproof mailbox, and then the hole to secure flag to top of mailbox.
Mail Time! is designed for mailboxes where the door closes over the face of the box. Mail Time! is not designed to fit on mailboxes where door is flush inside the mailbox, such as these styles: