How Mail Time Alert Can Make Your Life Just a Bit Easier

How many times have you wondered “Is my mail here yet?” And do you worry about the security of your online purchases being left in your mailbox?  Mail Time Alert will solve those problems!

We were frustrated by irregular mail delivery, leading to many wasted trips to the mailbox.  My husband has trouble getting around and he does love his mail and looks forward to receiving magazines. So, in 1988 I designed and patented Mail Time!®. Since then, this simple little device has helped many thousands of people.

For those with long driveways or mobility challenges, the extra trips to check for mail are especially difficult. In rainy weather or if you have snow and ice on your driveway, a trip to the mailbox can be dangerous. Mail Time!® easily solves the problem at a much lower cost than the electronic devices on the market.

This is the original Mail Time!® mailbox alert flag that has helped people for 25 years. Our all-aluminum, no rust solution works on any standard size mailbox that has the door close over the face of the box.

Made in the USA by JH Wonder Works.