No more wasted trips to your mailbox!

Have you ever trudged down to your mailbox, only to find that the mail hasn't been delivered? Once a day, it's an irritation. More than once, it's really irritating, especially if you have mobility challenges.  And if it's raining cats & dogs, or snowy, or your driveway is icy, then that trip to retrieve your mail can also be dangerous.

Mail Time mailbox signal flag will solve that problem for you once and for all.  This mail alert is easy to attach to the top of your standard mailbox. The bright yellow flag is spring-loaded and pops up when the mail carrier opens your mailbox. A quick glance out the window will let you know that your mail has been delivered. No more wasted trips!

Why do I care about my mail, you ask?  Well, what about packages, the kind that come from Amazon and other online stores?  Tens of millions of packages are delivered to mailboxes every day, and yes, even on Sundays!  If you don't know the package is in your mailbox, it may just disappear . . .